• London Baby Swim offer Parent & Baby Swimming Lessons
  • 2 Dedicated Baby Swimming Centres in London, Wandsworth & Osterley
  • Gentle Introduction to Baby Swim classes in a playful, safe environment
  • Progression that will develop natural swimming skills
  • Mum or Dad can attend our Baby Swim Centre or spectate
  • 5 Terms per year 4 x 9 week terms and 1 x 7 week term


Testimonials from our Customers

We took our daughter to the Wandsworth pool for the underwater photoshoot. The experience was fantastic, they were calm, relaxed and put us all at ease. The photos came through two weeks later and we are so happy with them, we are going to print one A0 size but are finding it hard to choose which one as so many of them are brilliant we can’t choose one!!! We have 27 amazing photos. I highly recommend the photo shoot for pictures of your little ones that you will keep forever.

Emma Turner

Both of our children have learnt to swim here with Emma and we have loved the experience throughout. It’s entirely designed for baby and toddler swimming so all requirements are taken into consideration - arrival and space to feed, changing mats for all children, pools at an appropriate temp / depth / size - and a viewing area for other family members to see. Friendly and warm staff as well make it a very happy environment for the kids.

Lynsey Verillo

We’ve had both our kids attend London baby swim classes with Emma at their Wandsworth location and couldn’t be happier. Our eldest started in baby swim level 1 and after going through their whole schedule left a completely competent swimmer at 4yrs old. Our youngest started last year and has just returned after their closure due to Covid and the adjusted measures are slick and feel safe. We have very much enjoyed getting back to our regular classes! I would recommend London Baby Swim and especially Emma to anyone wanting their child to learn to swim confidently without flotation aids.

Shona Fuller

Absolutely fantastic set up; clean, well maintained and perfect for baby and toddler swimming lessons. Emma is a fantastic instructor and would not recommend anywhere better.

Jonathan Moore

I can not recommend London Baby Swim enough. I have been attending with my daughter since she was 8 weeks old and started my son at the same age. While all the teachers are great Emma is phenomenal. I have never met a more warm and loving teacher. Not only does she make the class fun for the kids she makes it fun for the parents as well. She cares so deeply for the kids in her class. My daughter is 2.5 now and I have seen her confidence grow in the pool all because of Emma. If you are thinking of joining, please do and make sure you ask for Emma.

ErinKelly Bates

Been to London Baby swim for both my children since they were old enough to start and they both love it, as do I. The facilities are completely geared for parents with littlies and are incredibly clean, even before covid they were exceptionally diligent and continue to be since reopening. Classes are well structured, fun and the little babies love it. My toddler who’s nearly 3 is almost swimming unaided now thanks to LBS and he has a hoot.

Claire Moore

So happy to come back to our favourite pool after the lockdown!

Nadezhda A

Both of my boys felt confident from the very first time they swam here. All the instructors are fantastic & professional. They let the kids achieve things at their own pace and are extremely encouraging whether the kids are great swimmers or not. Being smaller classes the kids get the attention & encouragement they need. Highly recommend London Baby Swim Osterley centre.

Yana Korobkina

I would like to thanks to all London Baby Swim team, from the office staff, including the coffee staff and ending on the instructors, you guys are awesome! It's been more than 3,5 years that we really enjoy and I'm sure we will miss it badly now we have completed all of your swimming levels.

Teresa De Chao

I've been taking my children here for the past 3.5 years in total. We have loved attending in the main but since the lockdown the communication has been really marvellous and the necessary Covid measures are sensible and easy for everyone to manage but the BEST thing happened today. They brought back the huge float! Not just the old one, a brand new deluxe float and the children and adults were thrilled to bits alike!! It really made our day after a difficult first week in reception class for my daughter. I highly recommend LBS at Osterley and I will definitely be bringing my third child here too. Great value and I've actually always found the staff to be friendly and accommodating (particularly the time I forgot my swimsuit!!). Really great company and the new website is ace! It definitely needed updated and I feel LBS have used the time in lockdown very wisely, much to all of our benefit! Thank you. Highly recommend.

Hedox Clinic

My eldest son went swimming at the Wandsworth Centre for 2 years since he was 10 weeks old! He absolutely loved it! I cannot recommend Londonbabyswim highly enough. Freddie is so confident in water and during bath time, he is not scared of water being on his face etc. In comparison to other baby swim classes, this is definitely the best in terms of the temperature being always at 33 degrees, cleanliness and the teaching quality. During Covid-19, the cleaning lady cleans the bathroom after every class. She pretty much follow you and cleans after you. Now I take my 3 months daughter there and of course she loves it! If you want your baby to get used to water, start them before 6 months and it's much easier for them, my daughter started when she was 8 weeks old!

Irene Kong

Thank you for giving my son Patrick such a fun and stimulating introduction to swimming. Taking my baby swimming is something I have looked forward to since before I was pregnant. Then lockdown happened and we had to wait but it was well worth the wait! Patrick laughs so much in the pool. I look forward to continuing our aquatic adventures together with Judit. Best wishes Rachel

Rachel September

Just as a bit of feedback, the classes we’ve been to have been brilliant - the instructors are all very good, and really guide us well on what to do. I’ve really enjoyed it, and Max is now really comfortable in the water as well. I’ve recommended LBS to some of the mums in my bump and baby group and a few of them have booked in (and also love it)!

Lucy Orhnial

I 100% recommended London Baby Swim at Wandsworth, I started classes with my daughter at 8 weeks, Judit is an amazing instructor who makes it a safe, enjoyable and comfortable space for babies as well as adults! Now my daughter is 8 months and loves being in the water, she is confident with going underwater and throughly enjoys the class. The centre itself is very well set out, large changing rooms and a big cafe style area, it is immaculately clean thanks to the hard working and friendly staff.

Isobel Jones

It makes all the difference when you have a great swimming instructor like Judith. Her lessons are joyful and babies learn practical skills whilst having fun in the pool. We recommend Judith to parents who wish to build confidence in having babies in the water and teaching them to swim.

Marek Cervenka

100% happy with the facilities, Nano the swim instructor and staff. It is extremely clean and staff are very friendly. HQ did a great job to support us when we needed to book catch up classes. We did two terms and would continue if not the change of the time of our class. My son's new teacher was impressed with his jumping skills & confidence in the water, some other things we still practice. On that note, I just wanted to express the good job that Nano did and we will miss his jokes! Best wishes, Marta & Ian

Marta Dziura

Great purpose built pool for teaching babies and young children to swim. All instructors are good, but a special shout out to Nano, who is a fantastic instructor. Thanks to Nano, I am very confident with my daughter in the water and she giggles and laughs through her lessons. I have booked for next term without hesitation. The pool and changing rooms are kept very clean and I often spot the cleaner cleaning all the areas after each lesson. The reception staff are great and always get back to my emails quickly and professionally. Highly recommended!

Kate Akul

I can’t thank enough LBS for making my daughter a swimmer. She started at the age of 2 and now she I can see her becoming a independent swimmer. We moved from Hounslow and that’s why have to say good bye to LBS. One of the best swimming for kids in Oasterly and nearby areas. Very easy to book, easy booked catch up class and all instructors are so good, clean changing area and perfect depth and temperature of pool. Their photoshoot option is also something to shout about. I am sure my daughter is gonna miss this. Thanks again LBS.

Shilpi Singh

Cannot say enough good things about London baby swim...4 years we will never forget. Nano was an amazing teacher who genuinely enjoys his job, they will be missed badly!


We LOVE our swimming lessons here with our brilliant instructor Mili 😍 We’ve been coming since my daughter was 3 months old and she’s now 14 months! Every week we learn lots, P grows more and more confident in the water and in her body. Mili is really passionate about teaching the little ones, it is always a joy to have our lesson with her every week. She is fun, friendly, very knowledgable and supportive - I couldn’t recommend her and LBS more! ✨✨✨

Leah Stait

Great location, perfectly adapted for babies + toddlers. There are lovely teachers, we have been attending lessons with Emma for a couple of years and adore her - she is just so good with the kids! Highly recommend.

Bridget Munro

My son and my daughter started swimming with Milli at London baby swim when they were both 12 weeks old and since the beginning we loved attending Milli’s lessons. They are now at advanced toddler and level 4 baby swim and I couldn’t be happier of their swimming skills. Milli is fun with well structured teaching. She has great energy and creates a really good learning environment. The facilities are very well kept, clean and at the perfect temperature (not too cold and not too hot). All the staff are lovely and kind and make you feel very comfortable. I can’t recommend enough London Baby swim Osterley and her amazing teacher Milli.

Giulia Balsamo

The only place I would take my baby when he turned 6 months during Covid. Hygienic facilities warm friendly staff and excellent teacher Mili makes us feel comfortable and confident. My boy has thrived in her care and loves swimming confidently! Thank you LBS 😊 Highly recommended to all babies and toddlers who love the water!

Priyanka Bhattacharya

My daughter has been with London baby swim since 2 years and she has loved it and definitely helped her learn swimming The team have been brilliant and supportive and accommodating at every step Will definitely recommend

Rupal Dsouza

I’ve been bringing my daughter here since she was a few months old and besides her absolutely loving the water, she’s adopting essential life skills by learning to swim. Millie is an amazing teacher and we wouldn’t go anywhere else!



Joanna Przydacz

We have been going to this facilities for almost a year with our infant. It's absolutely outstanding and so fun. Our infant always looks forward to going swimming. Staff are very nice and friendly. A special thank you to Nano, he is excellent and so fun during the lessons. He keeps everyone entertained at all times. Our infant has picked up a lot of skills, especially blowing the trumpet with the long float, all thanks to Nano. Another person who deserves a lot of credit is Nikolina and Viktoria, they keep the facilities spotless and constantly cleaning at all times. Hygiene is super high standard. We always look forward to swimming lessons and would recommend anyone. Thanks

Brinz Singh

The classes are well planned out with a nice amount of babies in each group. The venue itself is lovely as well. The changing rooms are very baby friendly and the addition of high chairs in the reception for that post swim feed is brilliant! The staff are friendly too! My son loves his classes and it’s been great to see his progress in only three lessons so far.


Milli is an incredible swimming instructor she teaches both of my children. Thanks to milli my eldest can swim independently and confidently under the water. She amazed everyone and myself on our recent holiday, I am so glad we started her at a young age (2 months old) she loves the water and we couldn’t ask for a better instructor! My littlest is also enjoying the swimming classes and I have no doubts she will thrive too! Milli you are a passionate instructor and everybody recognises it. Thank you so so so much! Definitely recommend classes with her.. P.S they are always full and that in itself tells you something


Both my children attended London Baby Swim since they were a few months old. We have really enjoyed coming here - the facilities were purpose-built for baby / toddler lessons - making it so easy. Because of the lessons over the years, both my children never feared the water - which was the intention. They always looked forward to their classes.

Katrina Liao

Mili is exceptional with children and a wonderful swimming instructor who goes above and beyond just the swimming lessons. She helped my little one who’s non verbal and on the spectrum to manoeuvre through sensory overload and helps to pacify him when in distress with so many techniques which I have learnt from her and benefitted even at home. I have been taking my son to Osterley swim since he turned 1 and he’s 3 now and just lights up when I let’s go splash splash splash just because of all the fun n games and sing songs yet learning such an important life skill. I would highly recommend London Baby Swim 😘

Priyanka Bhattacharya

Classes are fun and entertaining for little babies

Priya Matharu

Both children attended their swim classes since a few months old. They always looked forward to their lessons with Emma and the pool was lovely and warm and the perfect size for little learners. Facilities were always clean and there was ample space to feed them in the cafe area after their lesson. This has been instrumental in their development and relationship with water which was our main aim.

Olivia Saunders

We love swimming classes here, a purpose built pool, and lovely staff. Especially swimming teacher Nano who’s great!

Cath Ward

Overall we have had a really good experience with LBS. I love the fact that the pool is purpose built with warm shallow water and suitable changing rooms. The lessons are well structured and my baby really enjoys swimming.

Alex Seaborne


Naoual Zegda

Great team, we had a very smooth first class of baby swimming with our 11 weeks old baby. We will be back next year, thanks Baby Swim Osterley

DaviB DelMonte

Our instructor is brilliant. She has taken a nervous toddler to a confident swimmer.

Duncan Mccombe



Overall we have had a really good experience with LBS. I love the fact that the pool is purpose built with warm shallow water and suitable changing rooms. The lessons are well structured and my baby really enjoys swimming.

Alex Seaborne

Onto our third child here. Superb for babies to get their first experience of the water, and the staff are lovely!

Mandeep Dhanoa

Very good team , clean, safe we are very happy with the classes and my tow boys enjoy the swim

Amira Lakhdarezzine

We've been going since my daughter was 6months and just about to finish the baby series. She absolutely loves it. The teachers are fantastic and caring giving loads of tips on how to improve while always making sure the children are comfortable. We will continue into the toddler series and "swimming Monday" has become a regular chant in our home.

Claire Cheriyan

My son swimming journey starts with NANO He is a amazing energetic instructor, Initial days my son son afraid about water but Nano handled my son very fun and joyful way. My son current instructor MILI She is a fabulous coach ,her teaching technique is unique Me and my son nowadays throughly enjoying the swimming. We had a catch up session with instructor Agata we have gotten good and new experience with her Sukhwir she is very humble. When we ask any queries she answered very knowledgeable and respective way Nikolina is hard working person, she always check the floor and changing rooms to be clean and wet

Vigneswari Murugaiyan

I love LBS and the swimming instructor Jo. My little boy started at 6 weeks old. He is now very confident and happy in the water and in such a short time had been taught so much. I am very happy here and will be returning for as long as my little boy is able too. Thank you Jo for being so kind and passionate.

Katy Jury

We've been at London Baby Swim Osterly for 2 & ½ years and my daughter really loves it (We started when she was 6 months old). The instructors are awesome and relate really well to the little ones helping them progress and enjoy the themselves whilst learning how to keep themselves safe.

Garth Sullivan

Our 8 months old just finished her Level 1 and we have booked for level 2. She really enjoys it and so are we. The staff is great and helps when we need it with our Little Ones. The pool is nice and warm and it's a great way to bond with your babies. The only downside is the car park (there are only 3 spaces in front of the pool). You can park 4 mins walk away in the hotel car park. So make sure baby is well dressed after splashing in the water

Ines Al Hamdani

Judit’s passion, enthusiasm and kindness is why I love bringing my son every week to swim in Wandsworth. She is so attentive to each child in every class and has excellent instincts in order to build a child’s confidence whilst keeping the class safe and full of fun. We have experienced four other teachers but Judit’s style, clear instructions and personalised attention is incomparable. I highly recommend Judit for your child’s swim experience!! She is a HUGE credit to your centre!

Gurmit Kaur Jagjit Singh

Our kids love this place - very clean and fantastic instructors. Highly recommend if you want your kids to learn to swim from an early age.

Thomas Goldwater


Zeqi Yang

We have been coming to London Baby Swim with both of our children. The instructors have been excellent and we have loved taking classes with our baby/toddler. We also did the underwater photoshoot for both of them. They have come out beautiful. A memory for us to cherish.



Emeric Flason

Great set up. All staff are helpful including the admin team who are very responsive. The place is always clean, rooms and pools the right temperatures and above all the swimming teachers are friendly, reassuring, bubbly and knowledgeable (especially Judith whose classes we adore). We have been using the service for 17 months now and love it. Oh and very competitively priced. Couldn’t recommend more highly

Helen Lakhotia

It is great! the swimming trainer is very nice and the classes are very dynamic and the instructor helps the babies to the exercises if they struggle or just to improve their technique. He is very helpful and professional. The place has changing area for men and women separately and it is very spacious with an area to put your baby. In addition, visitors and relatives can see from the reception area how your baby is doing in the pool. This reception area has tables to feed your baby, toys for children and sofas to rest.

Laura Gonzalez

I did baby swimming with both my boys from 6 weeks up, (first till he turned 4 the other till he turned 2). I stopped early with the second due to relocating, otherwise I would have continued. They are very professional, kind and understanding. Great little community.

Adriana Acevedo

We’ve been going to the swimming lessons since 4 months old and we are turning 2 this year. Nano the swimming instructor is very nice and spends time to get to know each child and build a bond with the little bubbas so he can help them develop and have a strong water confidence! Very happy with the club and strongly recommend to join it!

Viktorija Vaitukaityte

We had an incredible experience here. The staff is warm and welcoming. The instructors are exceptionally skilled and patient, creating a safe and fun environment. Judith is a truly amazing instructor! Her classes are well-structured, activities are engaging and she tailors her approach to each child's comfort level. The whole place is clean and well-maintained. We highly recommend these lessons to anyone looking baby swimming lessons.

Fekete Ildiko

I really enjoy the classes with my son Freddie. We are now going onto level 4 baby swim with Nano. Nano is a great instructor, he takes time to explain what we need to do and shows professionalism and makes the classes enjoyable. My son who's 11 months loves the swimming and listening to the nursery rhymes. I would recommend osterley centre it is clean and staff are lovely. It's a brilliant set up and I'm looking forward to many more lessons.

Sarah O'Driscoll

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