London Baby Swim Terms and Conditions of Booking. Please read these terms and conditions prior to completing your booking documents.

Information Accuracy: London Baby Swim ensures that all the information provided in our documentation or by any other mediums such as our web site, is accurate. Where we are aware of any changes following the receipt of your completed booking documentations and payment, we will make every effort to inform you prior to the start of your lessons.

1.    Bookings and Re-Bookings

London Baby Swim offer an online booking facility only located from our website Courses page.

To ensure that your booking is processed correctly:

1.1.  When completing the online booking: make sure you put all the necessary information required and read these Terms and Conditions. To be able to confirm your place you will have to make a payment of the full amount of the course. We offer an online payment method.

1.2.  CARDSAVE Secure Online payment system: If you have any problem whilst processing your booking, received an email with a cancellation/provisional/pending of your order, or have not received an automatic Order Confirmation Email, please contact us as soon as possible on 0208 400 9091 between 9am-4pm Monday to Friday or by email at [email protected] any time, as your space may not been reserved.

1.3.  Ensure all relevant fields and boxes on the booking forms are completed, failure to do so will mean that we are unable to process your booking. If you are booking two or more courses, please make sure to put the appropriate information for each child for each level.

1.4.  During the online booking process, you will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions and our Assumption of Risk Agreement. This is a condition of attending London Baby Swim Courses without exception. A binding contract comprising these Terms and Conditions and Risk Agreement will come into effect once your booking has been processed.

1.5. CARDSAVE Merchant Services will hold your payment details and London Baby Swim will not have access to them. Cardsave is a trusted provider of card processing services to small and medium businesses across the UK

1.6.  Re-booking. Dates and times for the new term will be published online from 3 weeks after the current term starts. We will email you when the new Term Dates are available to book online. Please make sure you book your place as soon as possible as London Baby Swim does not automatically rebook any courses. Prior publishing the new term dates online, we will email you with the new term timetable offering you the opportunity to reserve your space but you will still need to book your course online within the deadline specified in the email. In order to book your reserved space, you will need to call the office on 0208 400 90 91 from 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday. After the deadline, all the spaces reserved and not paid for will be released online. Please note that due to limited spaces per class, we will reserve the spaces on a “first come first served” basis.

1.7.  All bookings are accepted on a “First come first served” basis and we cannot guarantee your choice of day and time. To guarantee your booking is processed correctly, please go to our website and book a new place online. Please note after the reserved period for the new term has finished, we would not reserve or hold any places unless there are special circumstances and only by prior arrangement. It is your responsibility to book your place on time, failing to process your online booking may result in you not having a place for the new term.

1.8.  Upon completed bookings, you will automatically receive an Order Confirmation Email with information of the course and payment status. If you have not received an Order Confirmation Email after you have process your booking online, please contact the office as soon as possible on 0208 400 9091. Two weeks before the course starts a “Course Information Email” will be sent with all the information needed for the upcoming course term. Please make sure you read all the information including the following links: Map and Directions, Centre map and plan, Term and Half Term dates, Code of Conduct, Make-up Lessons Policy for missed lessons.

1.9.  London Baby Swim offers a Sibling Discount for brothers and sisters.  The Sibling Discount is £15 per child when you book a full 10 weeks course. In order to take advantage of the Sibling Discount, please email us or call on 0208 400 9091 (before your first booking) and ask for your Sibling Discount Code. Please note we cannot apply discounts after your online order has been completed. 

 Please make sure you enter your Sibling Discount Code in the Promotional Code box at the checkout, as no discount will be offered once any of the bookings has been confirmed. Please note this offer cannot be redeemed for cash and if you do not enter the Discount code at the time of your booking, London Baby Swim will not refund any money for the offer once the booking has been completed. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, promotional codes or credit notes. 

2.    Completion of Agreement

2.1.  Your agreement with London Baby Swim exists for the duration of the booked term. A new agreement will be created for each new term booked in line with our booking procedures and current Terms and Conditions.

2.2.  London Baby Swim withdrawal from the Agreement:

2.2.1. London Baby Swim reserves the right to withdraw from the agreement with no refund by London Baby Swim if the following circumstances apply: a) The information you have provided on the booking documentation or at any time during your London Baby Swim term is proved to be deliberately false or incorrect. b) Serious and or continuous infringement of the national or local health and safety requirements/policy and/or London Baby Swim Code of Conduct

2.2.2. London Baby Swim will not discuss or enter into a legal contract with persons under the age of 18.

2.2.3. London Baby Swim may, at its own discretion, refuse entry to a client to its courses if it is felt that the client's behaviour is unreasonable.

3.    Booking Amendments

3.1.  If you wish to amend any part of your booking after your booking confirmation and/or following the start of the term, London Baby Swim, even though we are prepared to consider any reasonable change, are unable to guarantee to make any or all such amendments. London Baby Swim will charge £15 Administration Fee for any changes to a confirmed booking.

If you want to change your course, please send us an email to [email protected] with the following details: Centre, Level, Day, Time and the 3 digits on the back of the card you paid the course with (in order to take the payment).

3.2.  If we amend any part of your booking after your booking confirmation and/or following the start of the term, London Baby Swim reserves the right to amend any publicised or scheduled session(s) due to facility, Instructor unavailability or/and insufficient numbers of bookings to make a session possible. In that case, we will inform you at the earliest opportunity of these changes, either via email, phone or text message advising you of alternative times and days available.

4.    Cancellations, Credit Notes and Refunds

London Baby Swim will only accept cancellations of any Swimming Course, Photo Shoot and Happy Nappy purchased by email to [email protected].

4.1.  Administration charges for cancellations:

4.1.1. On any processed online booking cancelled up to 14 days prior to the start of a term, an administration fee of £15 will be charged. We will only accept cancellations by email more than 14 days in advance of your first session. Administration charges will be deducted from agreed refunds before the refund is forwarded to you.

4.1.2. If you wish to cancel a processed online booking within 14 days of the start date, you may do so by emailing us. In this case, no money will be refunded. Instead, you will receive a credit note for the value of the term fees paid, less £20 administration fee. Please note the Credit Note must be used within 12 months from the day of the original booking. Please note Credit Notes are not transferable to any other person and cannot be refunded. 

4.1.3. Any booking cancellation will be effective from the date of the receipt of your written notification.

4.1.4. If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking once the term has already started, no refund or credit will be offered unless on medical grounds (see section 5)

4.1.5. Any agreed refunds will be issued to the card you used to place the original order. This typically takes 5 working days in the UK, depending on your bank/card issuer. Please note refunds may take up to 30 days to be processed.

4.2.  Missed Lesson(s): All instructors and pool sessions for a Term are contracted and agreed well in advance of a Term start. Therefore, we are unable to refund or credit any money for sessions missed because of a) General illness to either parent/guardian or child b) Holidays confirmed prior to or taken during the term c) Late arrival or non-attendance (voluntary withdrawals). London Baby Swim will not refund, credit or transfer any missed lesson(s) from your current term to an alternative term.

4.3.  There may be circumstances out of our control, in which the pool might not be available for London Baby Swim lesson(s). Examples of these circumstances include (but are not limited to) damage to the pool, severe weather conditions, power failures, industrial action, pandemics and instructor sickness. Where a lesson(s) are cancelled due to an unforeseen circumstance, London Baby Swim will undertake to ensure additional session(s) within the scheduled term, including half term or in between terms. Where London Baby Swim is unable to arrange the additional lesson(s) within the term, we will automatically credit you with the correct amount for the forthcoming term or for when we are allowed to reopen.

London Baby Swim will not be able to cover the cost of any travel expenses in the event that we use an alternative venue.

If you are not able to attend the rescheduled date or Term, you will miss the lesson(s) and no refund, credit notes or additional dates will be offered. However, London Baby Swim will endeavour to Catch up the rescheduled lesson/s where possible within the Catch up Lesson Policy

4.4.  Should a lesson already be in progress or about to start and have to be cleared for any reason, London Baby Swim is under no obligation to refund/credit the lesson(s) or part thereof, although London Baby Swim will endeavour to Catch up the cancelled lesson where possible within the Catch up Lesson Policy.

5.    Refunds/Credits for Withdrawal on Medical Grounds

After a course has started, if you wish to withdraw from the agreements of your booking on a medical basis we require an email cancelling your course followed by a doctors note from your GP, Consultant or Specialist within 7 days of your written cancellation, confirming the child should not swim (for at least 3 weeks), which you need to forward to [email protected]. If we do not receive a doctors note within 7 days of your written cancellation, we will discount any lessons passed lessons until we receive it.

Where agreed, a refund for the balance of the sessions remaining from the date of the receipt of your written notification along with the doctor’s note, minus £15 administration fee, will be given to you.

If you wish to cancel a course on medical grounds before the term has started, please see section 4 and follow our standard cancellation policy.

Any agreed refunds will be issued to the card you used to place the original order. This typically takes 5 working days in the UK, dependent on your bank/card issuer. Please note refunds may take up to 30 days to be processed.

6.     Vouchers

All gift vouchers are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of the issue and are non-refundable or transferrable. The full Voucher balance must be redeemed in a single transaction.

Vouchers can be redeemed by entering the voucher code into the promotional discount field at the checkout when making a booking at our website

7.    Catch up Lessons

London Baby Swim offers, as a courtesy, a maximum of three free catch-up lessons per term and per booking to all customers who have missed a lesson(s) during the current term and have used our Online Catch up Facility to change their lesson/s.

Due to the high demand of Catch up lessons, Catch up lessons are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that a space will be available; therefore, we strongly recommend that you attend your booked scheduled lessons. London Baby Swim publishes online the exact days of the Term on the online booking. When you book your place you agree to those days and we ask you to put them in your diary to avoid missed lesson(s) or confusion during the term.

In some circumstances, parents may be allowed to change more than 3 lessons per term with an additional charge of £15 for the term.

Please note that London Baby Swim offers this service as a goodwill gesture and it is not a statutory right, not having any legal obligation to offer a catch up lesson(s) or refund/credit for non-attended lesson(s). Catch up lessons have to be rescheduled within the current term and they are not transferable).

7.1.  How Does it work?

7.1.1. Just Visit our Website Click on the Catch-up Lessons link from our Courses Info page and follow the on screen instructions.                                                          Don't forget you will have to be logged into the system with the email and password you used when booking your course.

7.1.2. Please remember to give as much notice as physically possible as your empty space will go onto the Catch up system to allow other parents to use that space. Without plenty of notice the system breaks down and other parents miss out.

7.2. Catching up the lessons:

7.2.1. We do not organise Catch up lesson(s) by email or text please do not contact the office for this service unless you cannot access the online system.

7.2.2. Please be flexible with days, times and teacher when wanting to book a Catch up Lesson.

7.2.3. If you wait too long to inform us of an absence or calling to organise a Catch up Lesson, you would most probably miss the chance of a Catch up Lesson.

7.2.4. If you have cancelled your lesson because your Little One is sick, we ask you not to book any Catch up lesson until your child is totally recovered, as we will not reschedule any cancelled Catch up lesson.

7.3. Confirmed Missing and Catch up Lesson(s).

7.3.1. Once you have booked a Catch up Lesson you will receive a confirmation email & there will be no opportunity of cancelling or rescheduling the new lesson

7.3.2. If you attend to the wrong day, time or level for a Catch up Lesson, the instructor will not allow you in the water and we would not be able to organise a new Catch up Lesson.

7.3.3. If you attend to an already cancelled lesson, the Instructor will not allow you in the water unless you have booked that space as a Catch up Lesson.

8.    Photoshoot Booking and Cancellations 

8.1. Photoshoot booking will be under the same conditions as swimming course bookings. Please refer to section 1) of our Term and Conditions and follow our standard booking policy.

8.2. Photoshoot Booking Amendments:

8.2.1. Cancelling your Photoshoot.  If you wish to cancel your Photoshoot we require a minimum of 24 hours’ notice by email to [email protected].  An alternative Photoshoot date will be offered with an extra charge of £49 to cover the Photoshoot cost.

If you fail to notify us by email at least 24 hours’ prior the Photoshoot, we are unable to offer you an alternative Photoshoot date and our fees are non-refundable.

8.2.2. Any Credit Note offered by London Baby Swim must be used within 12 months from the day of the initial booking.

8.3.  Best results will be attained if your baby has attended at least one term of baby swimming lesson(s) where they have been introduced to submersions, otherwise this could lead to your baby/child becoming distressed. The more relaxed your baby is in the water on the day, the better your photos. If you have not already attended structured baby swimming please book a term of swimming with London Baby Swim prior to signing up for the Photoshoot.

8.4. London Baby Swim highly recommends discussing with your Instructor if your baby/toddler is ready for a Photoshoot as your personal Instructor will more than likely not be present on the day.

8.5. Disclaimer. Please be aware that results are based on your baby being happy in the water on the day of the Photoshoot and London Baby Swim cannot guarantee good results for distressed or uncooperative children. If your child is not happy during the Photoshoot and if you have had prior consent from your Instructor, London Baby Swim will offer you an alternative Photoshoot at an extra cost of £49 to cover the next session. Please note we will offer you a specific time slot for the new Photoshoot depending on availability.

8.6. Photoshoot image rights: In line with the 1988 Copyright Act, London Baby Swim reserves the right to use any or all photography or video taken by us during our London Baby Swim Photoshoots for our own publicity and promotion purposes. Such images remain the sole property of London Baby Swim and your agreement to these terms releases all image rights in favour of London Baby Swim.

Please can you therefore ensure that they are for personal use only; are not used in the promotion of any business/service/charity other that London Baby Swim; and cannot be used in the production of any marketing or promotional materials without London Baby Swim’s prior written consent. 

9.    Teachers

9.1.  Whilst London Baby Swim will try to ensure you always have the same Instructor, we cannot guarantee this, as teachers fall ill, leave, cancel for personal reasons, etc. We will inform you as soon as possible of any changes to the Instructor for the day or the remaining lesson(s).

9.2.  If you wish to know what Instructor is teaching each day for the term, please visit our website and click on in order to see the current Instructors or contact our Main Office.

9.3.  If you wish to cancel your course on the grounds of Instructor changes, London Baby Swim will process the cancellation as showed on section 4) of London Baby Swim Term and Conditions.

9.4.  Due to our In-House training, we may have a second qualified instructor in the pool as part of their training to become a London Baby Swim instructor.

10.    Code of Conduct

The purpose of the Code of Conduct is to outline the conduct for those attending London Baby Swim courses, either as swimmers or spectators. We ask that you follow this Code of Conduct, not only to enhance both the child’s and your swimming experience with London Baby Swim, but for the safety and well being of all those attending the pool.

London Baby Swim Code of Conduct, as part of London Baby Swim Terms and Conditions, is provided along with the Course Information email. Parents/Guardian/Viewers have an obligation to read and follow this Code of Conduct.

A new copy of our Code of Conduct can be requested at any time by emailing us at [email protected] or visit our website

In the case Please note London Baby Swim reserves the right to expel and cancel the booking of any person(s) who fail to comply with these guidelines with no refund.

11.   Mandatory and Accepted Swimwear

London Baby Swim operates a double nappy system for all babies and toddlers until they are toilet-trained. The double nappy system is a disposable or re-usable swim nappy underneath a Happy Nappy (neoprene nappy), which should fit closely enough to form a tight seal around the waist and thighs. Children wearing swim trunks, swimsuit, Eczema Suit or similar are welcome, however they will still have to wear the double nappy system underneath if not toilet-trained. Adults must wear appropriate swimwear and never outdoor clothing. Please note the instructor will not allow any children/adult who do not wear the appropriate swimwear.

12.   Spectators (No spectators allowed during Pandemic)

We do welcome spectators at our London Baby Swim Centres but for health and safety reasons and for the comfort of the group, this is limited to 2 spectators per child per session.

Please note we do not allow spectators inside the poolside /changing areas and they must stay in the viewing area available only.

Only the parent/adult swimming with the baby/toddler will be allowed inside the poolside and changing areas. Failure to do so may incur on the cancellation of your booking. Please refer to London Baby Swim Code of Conduct

13.   Lost Property and Valuables

All property left within London Baby Swim premises, including but not limited to, car park, entrance, spectators’ areas, changing areas and poolside area, is left at your own risk. London Baby Swim will not accept any liability for articles lost, damaged or stolen in any London Baby Swim Centre. Please make sure you have all your belongings with you before leaving.

Lost property will be kept for 1 month as security. If unclaimed after 1 month, it will be offered to a children related charity or disposed of accordingly.

Please note odds and ends lost property such as shampoo, dummies, socks, etc. will be disposed of at the end of each day. 

14.   Photography and Video Recording

Please note that in principle, London Baby Swim would allow spectators (relatives) to take photos and videoing during your lesson(s) from the spectators’ area. If you have any concerns regarding other parents/viewers taken photos or videoing during your lesson(s), please make sure you email London Baby Swim at [email protected] before the term starts raising your concerns. London Baby Swim will keep this information confidential. Please note if we do not receive any written communication from you before or during the term regarding this matter, London Baby Swim will assume you agree to allow spectators taking photos and videoing during your lesson(s).

Please note, if any parent on your group has communicated to London Baby Swim, before or during term, any concerns regarding photos and/or videos, London Baby Swim will email all the parents from the same group prohibiting any spectator(s) to take any photos or videoing during that specific lesson(s).  Please make sure you respect other parents’ wishes prohibiting photos and videos during that specific lesson(s), as London Baby Swim reserves the right to expel any person(s) who fails to comply with these guidelines.

If spectators in your group are allowed to take photos or videos, please make sure you just take photos or videos of your own child and not the rest of the group. Please note you have a legal responsibility of no publishing or sharing any photo(s) or video(s), including other adults or minors without their permission.

Photos and/or video recording may only be taken from the spectators’ area.

No photography or filming (including mobile phones) may take place in any changing and pool areas.

Underwater filming or photography is prohibited while in the swimming pool during London Baby Swim Lessons.

15.    Illness

Never come to your swimming lesson if you and/or your child have any illness, such as, but not limited to: chest infection, conjunctivitis, measles, impetigo, ear infections, asthma or a heavy cold (first days of the cold). Please DO NOT come to your swimming lesson until the symptoms have cleared at least 48 hours prior to your swimming lesson or when your doctor has given the all-clear.

If your child has just a running nose but feels happy and active you will be able to come to your swimming lesson unless your GP has advised you otherwise.

Under no circumstances must anyone suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting attend swimming during illness and up to 2 weeks after full recovery and stools have returned to normal.

If you are concerned about any medical condition, we ask that you always check with your GP before coming to any lessons.

16.    Data Protection Policy

London Baby Swim will not use or make available any personal information that we hold to any third party not directly responsible for or connected with the administration of your booking.

London Baby Swim will not use your personal information except to send you promotions, mail marketing, course information and notifications. If you prefer not to be sent any correspondence from London Baby Swim, please contact us by email and request to unsubscribe from our mailing list, this will result in no course reminders or information of any kind being sent.

London Baby Swim collects information about you when you: a) book a swimming course or Photo Shoot. b) Take part in promotions, competitions, costumer surveys and questionnaires. c) Contact us e.g. in writing, call or email us.

Please read London Baby Swim Privacy Statement for more information.

17.    Amendments to Terms & Conditions and Statutory Rights

London Baby Swim reserves the right to amend its booking terms and conditions and associated documentation at any time. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights.