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London Baby Swim offer the opportunity to book into a Professional photo shoot to capture your little one's newly acquired skills in the water with our World Renowned in-house Photographer. This is a special opportunity to capture your little one like never before that you can cherish forever. We include up to 24 edited images, captured during 4 submersions to make sure you have some amazing shots to print. Please note some babies become distressed after the first 2 submersions so it may not be possible to attain all 24 images for these children and we prefer to keep babies happy rather than forcing more submersions.




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Photoshoot Venue

Our Osterley Pool is perfect for Photoshoots as the roof is clear allowing lots of light into the water. Even with Studio lighting there is no substitute for real daylight. The pool is also 12m long, double the length of our Wandsworth centre making it ideal for our studio like setup to run our Photoshoots

Osterley is only a 20 minute drive from our Wandsworth Centre so it's not too much effort for our Wandsworth Parents to attend and the guarantee of much better results is well worth the short trip.


Before our photoshoot you have to be able to answer yes to all the questions below!

Have you attended at least 6 swimming lessons with us or elsewhere?

Is your baby happy with submersions? (There will be 4 submersions on the day)

Is your child happy to be around and be picked up by new people? We cannot guarantee your regular Instructor on the day

Have you asked your Instructor about your child’s suitability for a photoshoot? We highly recommend discussing with your Instructor if your baby/toddler is ready for a Photo Shoot

How do Underwater Photoshoots Work?

Our highly skilled professionals set up the pool like an underwater photography studio with professional lighting and state of the art Underwater Camera Equipment to ensure professional exposure results every time with high quality images.

Each session lasts 30 minutes with a maximum of five babies. Each baby must be accompanied by an adult.

To give your Little One some rest in between submersions, we will organise each child to be photographed in rotation. While you wait for your turn, a London Baby Swim teacher will make sure both your baby and you feel relaxed and enjoy yourselves practising fun activities and songs.

All the submersions will be performed by our resident baby expert, who will guide you through every step. Our Photoshoot Teachers are experts interpreting your child’s behaviour, making sure they are feeling relaxed, comfortable, safe, and understand when your Little One has had enough.

Our London Baby Swim Professional photographer has been an underwater photographer for over 20 years specialising in Children’s underwater photography for 15 years. He always aims to take as many shots as possible during each submersion, making sure he captures that special shot of your Little One

What Happens after the Photoshoot?

After the Photo Shoot your images will have at least 2 hours post-production work by a professional editor.

We anticipate 4 top class shots from the possible 24, for you to print and/or enlarge from the images you are sent.

From 2-3 weeks after the Photoshoot, you will receive a link to Dropbox so you can download all the images. There will be a before and after folder so you can see all the editing. You do not need to have a Dropbox account to open the file.

IMPORTANT! Whilst we make every effort to ensure perfect results every time, the final results are based on your baby being happy in the water on the day and cannot be guaranteed if your baby was having a bad day or was not comfortable with submersions which is the main pre-requisite before signing up

What are the Image Resolution and Format options?

There are 2 types of Image format and resolution that we offer which are Jpeg and Tiff. 'Jpeg' images are a compressed lossy format, which means they are ideal for working with on your computer as they open and close quickly compression g to a small size for storage and larger size when open. They are also good for sharing by email as when closed they are compressed to around 1/6 their full size. Typically, we provide a 30mb image, which is around 6mb when closed. These images are good for prints up to 24" x 20" and will suit most people. Total cost for Photoshoot, Editing and supply of all images is now £120 

'Tiff' images are the highest quality and resolution possible and not compressed so they contain much more colour and contrast information and allow prints of almost any size up to 3mtr x 2mtr. Typically the images we provide are 70mb which is professional quality size but do take much longer to open and edit on your computer and to work on for us during the post production editing. Please make sure you add this option to the basket before checkout if you require. Total cost for Photoshoot, Editing and supply of all images is £150

Some Legal Stuff regarding images

Before you book the photoshoot, please take some time to read all the information on this page and our Photoshoot Cancellation Policy.

Photoshoot image rights: In line with the 1988 Copyright Act, London Baby Swim reserves the right to use any or all photography or video taken by us during our London Baby Swim Photoshoots for our own publicity and promotion purposes. Such images remain the sole property of London Baby Swim and your agreement to these terms releases all image rights in favour of London Baby Swim.

Please ensure that they are for personal use only; are not used in the promotion of any business/service/charity other than London Baby Swim; and cannot be used in the production of any marketing or promotional materials without London Baby Swim’s prior written consent.

You have to agree to these terms when booking your photoshoot



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