At London Baby Swim, we offer Baby and Toddler Swimming lessons and water confidence with safety as our number one priority. We provide a gentle introduction to baby swimming in a playful, fun and safe environment with a progression that will develop natural swimming skills.

Ana Torres & Phil Shaw

 Co-Founder and Directors

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Ana has a background in HR and management with a degree in HR and Psychology. Ana initially trained with the STA (Swimming Teachers Association) and thanks to her background in Psychology and extensive international research into swimming techniques; has developed our unique, structured swimming courses in order to help parents to teach their children swimming skills, water confidence, child development and water safety.

Phil has a background of 15 years running a Scuba Diving company and extensive teaching experience of Scuba Diving and Engineering. Phil was responsible for the development and running of our swimming centres and support in developing our structured swimming programme. Phil is also our in-house underwater photographer and has been taking underwater wildlife and children stock photography for 20 years.




Swimming Instructors

Our expert Baby Swim instructors not only take care of your baby and toddler, making sure they are safe and happy whilst learning but they will also make sure you enjoy 'to the max’ this unique experience with your baby. If you are not confident in the water, our instructors will make sure that you increase your confidence so you can enjoy the lessons more and more.

Helena Balestrucci

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I've always loved swimming, but since I gained my STA qualifications, trained with Londonbabyswim and started working as an instructor, teaching children how to swim has become my number one favourite thing.

My primary concern is to make the time in the water special and enjoyable for everyone, trying to make swimming time the highlight of the week.

I always do my best to transmit my passion because there's nothing more rewarding than hearing a little one calling out your name with a smile on their face, just to show you how they can finally perform the skill that you've been teaching them for ages.

Emma Berry

I have been a swimming instructor for London baby swim for just over five years and I have a teaching background of ten years. I have two children aged 13 and 5 .. and when I had my son I had my first experience of swimming with babies and thought wow!

From that day I started to train to teach babies and since then have never looked back . This job is the most amazing job I have ever had , I get to teach gorgeous babies and children all day long and give them a life time skill as well . My classes are energetic , exciting , fun and very well structured thanks to the amazing lesson plans unique to London Baby Swim. I love my job!

Lizi Duncombe

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I learnt to teach swimming in 2012 and have worked with kids ever since. My passion for teaching children and my understanding of health and wellbeing have been a great contribution for teaching babies from a young age to be confident in the water with skilled co-ordination and posture as well as having a fun and energetic class. As well as teaching baby swimming, I have an A level in Sport Science and a degree in Osteopathy. I have been working in the fitness industry for nearly 10 years starting at an early age with lifeguarding pools right up to fitness Rehabilitation. I am also a competitive Rower and Triathlete.

Adam Knight

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What makes a great swimming teacher? Knowledge, communication skills, patience and passion. Having taught children to swim for the last 9 years I understand the importance of ensuring your little one has a fun and positive experience in the water and that you, as Mum or Dad, understand what progressive practices we are doing and why. Progression is my obsession, and that is what I aim for in every lesson. See you on poolside!

Kaz Hill

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Kaz has been working in East Hampton, New York for the past 4 summers as a swim Teacher and Lifeguard. She holds qualifications for: National Pool Lifeguard, Level 1 ASA Swim Teacher and American Red Cross Lifeguard CPR/AED. 

Kaz strives to provide a fun and instructive atmosphere for children of all ages, she pushes her clients to become self-assured in the pool, without overdoing what the parent or child feels comfortable with. 

Her creative background in Graphic Design helps with children scared of the water, always thinking of new techniques to help each individual child learn to swim confidently and develop a lifelong love of being in the water!

Melissa Farres-Caddick

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Having acquired a love of the water from a very young age, I competed in swimming at a National level in my youth.  I soon after became qualified as a lifeguard at Hampton Open Air Pool and it was there I discovered an interest in the science of swimming and teaching.

I completed my ASA Level 1 Teaching Qualification in 1996 and from here, I began working with an independent swim school specialising in teaching pupils in West London schools after hours. In 2011, and in-between having my 2 sons (now 6 and nearly 2), I completed my ASA Level 2 in Teaching Aquatics and have been specialising in babies and children ever since. Teaching is something I thoroughly love and this is reflected in my lessons which are always delivered with a passion!

Sofia Ceraolo


Having always lived near the sea, the vast blue on the horizon has always given me a sense of peace and freedom. This nurtured in me a desire to always be in an environment that has that same sense of freedom, and a swimming pool can do this. Teaching children from a young age is amazing, it allows them to develop survival skills that they will never forget.Thanks to the fact that that I have always taken care of the new arrivals in my big family I can say that my love for children allows me to put my whole heart in all that I do and that is something that the STA qualifications could never have given me. It is never too soon for a baby to start such a fantastic experience! 

Lydia Baxter

Lydia Baxter new

I have always been into sport and swimming has been a passion of mine from a young age. I was lucky enough to go on to compete for the county as a member of the squad team, but my journey came to a halt when I dedicated my time to my Dance degree. I am a qualified Open Water Diver, an ex-county runner and a local league netball player; but my first love still calls to me - so here I am. I not only feel at home in the water, I feel free!

Mili Carnevale

Mili Carnevale

I'm was born in a small town of Buenos Aires, Argentina in winter of 1985. I've started to swim without any help at the short age of 3 years and since there I couldn't stop to swim and I participated in a lot of swimming competitions during my primary school ages. In my proffesional life I enjoy a lot working and playing with kids and I love to see his progress. In my classes they gonna enjoy and have a fun, and you as a parent can be sure that I don't gonna push your kids to do something that they don't like it I like to give them some time to learn (I apply the Montessori method) Each child is a special and I like to respect their own times.I get my certificated as a Lifeguard and Swimming teacher (ASA) in LondonI'm also have a Dramatic Art Degree, and I working as a teacher (for kids and adults) since 2007. One of my motto in my life is enjoy each moment as much I can, because you know we just have one life and it pass quickly.

About Us


Our passionate goal is to teach Baby and Toddler Swimming skills that not only help infants how to love water but to also be confident and respect it. In order to offer the best teaching and environment, we limit our class sizes to 8, which makes classes a comfortable size for each baby and toddler to be given the time to develop and makes the group the perfect social circle.

London Baby Swim's mission is to ensure safety and water confidence, encouraging parents to fully utilise the benefits and enjoyment that they can have swimming with their children - whether at classes, on holiday or trips to the pool. Water confidence and the ability to swim from a young age is certainly a gift for life - opening the door for you to enjoy a wide range of water based activities from diving to sailing. We believe that swimming is a fun and healthy life-saving skill all children should learn.

We also provide a great social environment for parents and babies, especially for mums as your social lives totally change with the new arrival, to meet and share their precious baby time. For dads this is an occasion to share something special with their babies.

In our lessons not only the children have fun but parents are usually the ones looking forwards to the next lesson as they really enjoy this shared experience which will help develop a stronger bond between parents and little ones.


London Baby Swim has developed its own structured swimming courses based on experience, research and the knowledge of its Head of Training, Ana Torres, with a background in Psychology. We offer baby swimming and toddler swimming classes, which have been specifically designed for infants from 6 weeks old through to 4 years of age with a clear and structured teaching programme containing different progressive levels.

We run four terms of swimming per year and each term comprises 10 lessons of 30 minutes each.

Qualifications & Insurance

All our instructors are associate members of the STA, and hold an STA swimming teacher qualification and a NaRS Pool Safety Award for Swimming Teachers. As well as the STA qualifications, all our instructors have a London Baby Swim in-house training.

As a company, we hold employers’ liability insurance and public liability insurance. All our instructors, individually, hold public liability insurance.


Phil Shaw and Ana Torres founded London Baby Swim in May 2007 after teaching their own babies to swim from a young age. The first course started in that September with just 85 swimmers at the first centre in Osterley West London. Since then, thousands of babies and toddlers have experienced and enjoyed swimming with London Baby Swim at their Osterley and Wandsworth centres with many centres planned in the future for all of London.

Phil and Ana have been involved for many years in teaching water sports, especially Scuba Diving. Through the diving, they realised that many of their students and their families had very little swimming skills and water confidence, prompting them to research and subsequently found London Baby Swim.

Ana initially trained with the STA and thanks to her background in Psychology and research in swimming techniques; has developed our unique, structured swimming courses in order to help parents to teach their children swimming skills, water confidence and safety.

Thanks to Phil Shaw's experience and knowledge in swimming pool design and maintenance London Baby Swim only use private purpose built swimming facilities and not rented, sub-standard facilities used by most other swim schools. London Baby Swim Centres are designed and built purposely for babies/toddlers and parents to enjoy swimming in a safe, well thought out environment. All our swimming pools are well known for having very Low Chlorine levels with our unique UV water sanitation systems, and having a constant 33°C Water Temperature perfect for newborn babies.

In January 2009, we started to offer Professional Underwater Photography thanks to Phil Shaw's expertise in that area. Phil Shaw started taking underwater wildlife photographs whilst a scuba diving Instructor in the '90's when he split his time between taking photo's and teaching both diving and advanced underwater photography techniques. During this time, he extensively photographed Wildlife and People underwater in Egypt, The Philippines, South Africa, Florida, The Maldives and the UK. Phil started baby and people portrait underwater photographs in 1996 to expand his advertising portfolio and produced underwater images for many companies and film libraries including Anderson Consulting, Titanic Restaurant, Aquababies, Photonica and Pictor. His work has been published in a multitude of International press including The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Sun, The Daily Mail, The Mail on Sunday and many others.

Why London Baby Swim?

London Baby Swim only use private purpose built swimming facilities and not public pools
London Baby Swims pools are used only for Baby Swimming
Water Temperature in all our pools is a constant 33°C perfect for newborn babies
Water chlorine levels are very low with our Computerised water sanitation systems including UV
Clean changing facilities designed specifically for babies
Small Class sizes. 8 babies and parents per class.
Dedicated parking at all our centres
Spectators viewing area at all our centres
3 FREE Make up classes for missed lessons. We believe we are the only baby swim company to offer this service.


London Baby Swim offers, as a courtesy, a maximum of 3 free make-up lessons per term to all customers who have emailed us about their absence and have followed the Make-up Lesson Policy.


Due to the high demand of Make-up lessons, these are subject to availability and we cannot guarantee that a space will be available; therefore, we strongly recommend that you attend your booked scheduled lessons.London Baby Swim is one of the few companies to offer a make-up (catch up) lessons service for missed swimming lessons, which creates a huge amount of admin work so please make sure you read the following.


Letting us know you will miss your lessons:

 Email us about your absence on  

  • The most important part of our make-up service is prior knowledge you will miss a lesson. Please make sure you inform London Baby Swim by email of your absence with a bare minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled lesson(s) 
  • The only way to inform us about your absence is by email to any time from Monday to Sunday. No telephone cancellations, voicemails or texts will be accepted. 
  • Please make sure you include the following details in your absence email: 
Name of Parent/ Guardian:  
Name of Baby:  
Missing Lesson Date:                                                                         
Missing Lesson Time:  
Email used to book the course:                     

  • If we do not receive an absence email at least 24 hours prior to your lesson, London baby swim will not offer a make-up lesson, refund or credit for the missed lesson. 
  • If your Little One is going to miss a lesson because of holidays, doctor appointment, other commitments, etc. the sooner you notify the office by email, the more chances we will have to find a Make-Up lesson space(s) for your Little One. 
  • After we receive your absence email, you will receive a Confirmed Missing Lesson Email. Please note if you email during the weekend, you will receive an email on Monday or Tuesday. 

Making up the lessons: 

Call the Office to organise a Make-up Lesson or ask reception at your swimming centre

  • To organise a Make-up Lesson, please call us on 0208 400 9091 between 9am to 4pm Monday to Friday with your diary open so we can check availability in our calendar. 
  • NEW. You will be able to arrange your make up lesson in reception at your swimming centre Monday to Sunday. Please have your missing lesson confirmation email to hand ready to show with your day and time missed, otherwisewe will not be able to organise a make-up lesson. 
  • Please note we do not call back to organise Make up lessons, so please call back and don’t leave a voicemail. 
  • Once you have organised a Make-up Lesson, you will receive a Confirmed Make-up Lesson Email. If you have not received this within 24 hours, please contact the office as soon as possible. 
  • We do not organise make-up lesson(s) by email or text. 
  • Please be flexible with days, times and teacher when wanting to book a Make-up Lesson. 
  • Due to high demand of bookings, Make-up Lessons are subject to availability, so they cannot be guaranteed. In the event you are not able to attend any of the offered days for your make-up lesson(s) or we are not able to offer you an alternative lesson(s) due to no availability or due to current term being finished, London Baby Swim will not offer any refund or credit. 
  • Make-up classes are not transferable and must be completed in the same term as the missed class. 
  • If you wait too long to inform us of an absence or calling to organise a Make-up Lesson, you would probably miss the chance of a Make-up Lesson. 
  • If you have cancelled your lesson because your Little One is sick, we ask you not to book any Make-up lesson until your child is totally recovered, as we are unable to reschedule a cancelled Make-up lesson. 

Confirmed Missing and Make-up Lesson(s). 

  • Once we have received your lesson cancellation, your space(s) will automatically become a Make-up Lesson Space in our Calendar. 
  • If you wish to attend to your already cancelled space, you may do so if the space is still available. Please note that it will count as one of the courtesy Make-up Lessons offered. 
  • Once you have booked a Make-up Lesson there will be no opportunity of cancelling or to reschedule. 
  • If you attend to the wrong day, time or level for a Make-up Lesson, the instructor will not allow you in the water and we will not be able to organise a new Make-up Lesson. 
  • If you attend to an already cancelled lesson, the Instructor will not allow you in the water unless you have booked as a Make-up Lesson.