Top Tips to Prepare for Baby Swimming Lessons


Swimming lessons are a fun and memorable way to bond with your precious baby or toddler, but if it’s your first time around and you’re a bit unsure of what to expect, preparing for your first class can be daunting.

The benefits for both you and your baby will outweigh your worries and anxiety. Learning to swim is a vital skill that will help your baby stay active at an early age, and it could also save your child’s life in the future. If you want to dip your toes and give baby swimming lessons a try, read our top tips to make it a successful activity.

Bring enough food and drinks for pre and post lessons

Feeding your baby or toddler in advance of a swimming lesson is highly recommended. If you are formula or breastfeeding your baby, it is essential that they aren't fed in the 20 minutes before the lesson. Feeding your baby at least 30 minutes before the start of your lesson is ideal. If your toddler is eating solid foods, around an hour before the lesson is recommended.

Due to the warm water and activities during the lesson, it is highly likely that your baby will vomit if they are fed just before the swimming lesson, resulting in the evacuation of the pool.

Baby swimming lessons will last around half an hour, and they may make you and your baby both thirsty and hungry. Having a bottle ready or bringing plenty of fruit is an excellent way to keep your little ones happy after the lesson.

Baby swimming lessons at a specialist pool

Although it's tempting to head off to your local leisure centre for a splash around with your baby or toddler, the pool conditions aren't always ideal and can make them ill.

By booking your baby swimming lessons at a specialist baby pool, you have the added peace of mind that everything has been taken into consideration so your baby has the best possible experience.

Pools at the Wandsworth and Osterley Centre are purpose built using UV disinfection systems and low chlorine levels. The pool is heated to a constant 33°c to ensure that babies stay at just the right temperature.

Heat and water levels are monitored by a computer controlled system, our team also carry out 3 manual checks per day.

Essential items to bring

  • Extra towels: There is no such thing as bringing too many towels for your baby. Please bring a couple with you, they will come in very handy.
  • Happy Nappies: Special swimming nappies are required to prevent accidents in the pool until your baby or toddler is toilet trained. London Baby Swim operate a double nappy system requiring babies to wear a disposable or reusable nappy with a neoprene nappy over the top. Neoprene nappies such as Happy Nappies create a seal around the tummy and legs to stop any leaks. You can purchase Happy Nappies directly from us via the online booking page.
  • Baby oil: To protect your baby’s delicate skin, make sure to apply the baby oil after the swimming lessons.

Mums and dads

A couple of important tips for mum and dad to prepare for baby swimming lessons:

  • You don't need to be able to swim to participate in the classes. The pools are shallow enough that you are able to stand and move around without swimming.
  • You may find it easier to put your swimming costume or shorts on before you set out so you can focus on baby at the pool.
  • London Baby Swim pools have a dedicated viewing area, so one parent or guardian can watch the lessons whilst the other takes part - great for taking some snaps of your little one splashing around!
  • Our pools have onsite parking but it's always best to contact us before your lessons just to make sure there will be sufficient space on the day.

Book your lessons with London Baby Swim

If you are ready to begin swimming lessons with your baby, London Baby Swim are taking bookings . If you have further questions or enquiries about our swimming lessons, please feel free to call us on 020 8400 9091 to speak with our friendly team.