What do babies wear for swimming lessons?


Wondering what your baby should wear to its first swimming lesson? Don't worry we have you covered, along with a checklist of things to bring along. But first a bit about us.

About London Baby Swim

If you are interested in baby and toddler swimming lessons, then you have come to the right place. At London Baby Swim, we teach water confidence and safety through a gentle introduction to baby swimming.

We are a private purpose-built swimming pool, which means we have control over the temperature (usually set at 33 degrees), chlorine, and water UV system levels, ensuring its ideally suited for just babies. You will never encounter public swimmers with us.

What do we require for our swimming lessons?

To keep our pool clean for all users. We ask our parents to provide their babies and toddlers with double nappies until they are toilet trained. You will need specifically designed swimming nappies, which can either be disposable or reusable, with a Happy Nappy (neoprene nappy) on top.

We have limited stock of Happy Nappies that can be borrowed, or if you prefer to use your own they can be ordered from a company called Splash About online through our site or at a local Boots store. They are a requirement to enter our pool.

How to choose between disposable or reusable swim nappies

Disposable: These are low maintenance and can be thrown away afterwards to save time, so you won't need to clean them for later use, great if you're pressed for time. If you only plan on swimming for a short time, this can work out cheaper than buying reusables. These will look like regular nappies.

Reusable: If you plan on going swimming after you have finished a course, this is a great way to save money since you'll already be prepared. They can help your child look like a regular swimmer as some come in more appealing designs compared to the throwaway nappies. Although they require more work washing after use it's much more environmentally friendly and you won't have to worry about running out.

Why does my child need to wear a Happy Nappy?

They are the preferred choice by most UK swimming schools and are recognised as a practical and comfortable part of your child's swimming kit. They have a snug fit and form a tight seal around the waist and thighs which prevents leaks from escaping into the pool while still allowing easy movement.

A great way to prevent any embarrassment if your child decides it needs the toilet in the pool.

What to bring checklist:

• Swimming nappies (reusable or disposable) to wear underneath a Happy Nappy.
• Happy Nappy (neoprene nappy) to wear over the top of the swimming nappy.
• For children; swim trunks, swimsuit, or eczema suits are fine, but if not toilet trained will need double nappies underneath.
• Wet wipes and cream for changing.
• Warm clothes to wear afterwards to keep warm and a hat to prevent heat loss through their head.
• Towels for you and the baby, hooded towels are a great way for them to stay warm soon as they leave the pool.
• Snacks for afterwards in case they get hungry, something like yoghurt or banana is ideal, or a bottle.
• Your swimsuit or shorts but not outdoor wear such as t-shirts or street clothing.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact our team.