What to Expect at Baby Swimming Lessons


Watching your baby have fun and splash around during bath time is one of the most endearing moments that parents can witness, and this may make you wonder, how early can you sign up for baby swimming lessons? Baby swimming lessons are designed to get infants comfortable in the water, teach them basic water safety, and help their swimming skills from as young as 6 weeks old (minimum 10lbs).

So, what should you expect during an infant swimming lesson?

How are the swimming classes structured?

The baby swimming classes are typically made up of tight-knit groups of parents and babies, so when you begin, you get a warm sense of community. All classes are arranged by age, and it's worth knowing that if you join the baby swim series or beginner toddler classes, it will also be the first time for everyone else.

Our instructors provide a fun, engaging, and relaxed routine that encourages all parties to participate, so you won't have to worry about intense and strenuous activities. After all, the main aim of the baby swimming teacher is to help acclimate your baby to the water and have an enjoyable time. Young babies can perform primitive swimming strokes, and the teacher will work to encourage these reflexes.

One parent or guardian can participate in the baby swimming lessons, however, there is a dedicated viewing area where a second person can watch babies progress.

Each set of classes covers 10 sessions and consists of 7 progressive levels. Once your baby has competed all 7 levels, you can move up to the advanced toddler lessons. Each session in our heated pools lasts for 30 minutes.

How to take care of your baby during the lessons

It's entirely natural for parents to feel nervous when it's their baby's first time in the pool, but you can rest assured knowing that babies have a natural affinity when submerged in the water. When you and your little one are in the water, make sure to hold them in a position that allows you to keep eye contact. Babies will feel at ease and secure through this, and praising them here and there will help build confidence throughout the entire session.

Eventually, when your baby feels more comfortable in the pool, the instructor may encourage your baby to swim underwater. A baby's inbuilt gag reflex is strong in their early months, allowing them to hold their breath underwater by instinct.

Take the first dip at London Baby Swim

It's never too early for your precious one to start our baby swimming lessons. Swimming classes are a great way of giving your infant natural confidence and basic aquatic skills that they need to become a capable swimmer in the future. Baby swimming can also be beneficial to your child's health and development.

With the help and supervision of our trained instructors, you are guaranteed to have fun learning whilst bonding with your baby. For any enquiries about our classes, call us on 020 8400 90921 anytime between 9am-4pm during the week. Alternatively, you can find term dates and book baby swimming lessons through our website.