London Baby Swim give you the option of attending one of our swimming sessions as a trial if you are unsure you or your baby will enjoy and benefit from swimming with us or if you are unsure which class to attend because of age or if there has been a break between regular swimming. Our expert Instructors will assess your child and be able to advise which is the best course for you to attend.

 If  you would like to book a trial lesson, there are a few simple steps we would like you to follow in order for us to arrange this for you as the class you attend will be one of our group sessions with other swimmers so you get a feel what our classes are like.

Trial lessons are booked via our office so all you need do is enter your details into our contact form entering 'Trial Lesson' in the text box and one of our staff will be in contact within 24 hours so we can find you a mutually acceptable time to attend. Click Here

Some Helpful FAQ's

Why do i need to buy Happy Nappies? 

London Baby Swim operates a double nappy system for all babies and toddlers until they are toilet-trained. The double nappy system is a disposable or re-usable swim nappy underneath a Happy Nappy (neoprene nappy), which should fit closely enough to form a tight seal around the waist and thighs. You will be able to purchase the Happy Nappy on our online booking page. Disposable/reusable Swim nappies are available from supermarkets and drugstores. Children do not need to wear anything else apart of the double nappy system. Children wearing swim trucks, swimsuit, Eczema Suit or similar are welcome, however they will still have to wear the double nappy system underneath if they are not toilet-trained.

What is the maximum group size

The maximum number of babies in one lesson is 8

Is my baby safe in the water? 

Babies have a natural affinity with the water. They become totally liberated, as water is a free environment for them. We all have an inborn "gag reflex" and the "mammalian dive reflex" but it is generally strongest in babies up to 6 months old, these enable them to hold their breath underwater naturally and keep supplying oxygen to the main organs, which help us to provide a gentle introduction to submersions. They also have primitive swimming stroke actions up to 6 months of age and can propel themselves through the water. London Baby Swim builds upon babies natural reflexes to enable your baby to be completely happy moving in and through the water.

Do parents need to be confident swimmers?

No, although one of the parents or responsible adult needs to be in the pool with the babies, the pool is shallow enough for parents to stand up. Our teachers are fully trained and experienced in helping parents to feel confident in the water. We will assist you with the submersion exercises for your child if you do not want to go underwater, although it is a wonderful experience to share with your child

Do you offer Catch up lessons?

YES, London Baby Swim offers 3 FREE Catch-up lessons per term/per child for any missed lesson. Our New Online Catch up Lesson system allows you to log in, cancel a lesson and then check the calendar for available spaces during the same term you can rebook onto. The system will show you your current level availability as well as the level above and below yours to offer more option

What if my child is ill? 

If your child has just a runny nose but feels happy and active, you will be able to come to your swimming lesson unless your GP has advised you otherwise. We recommend you not to come swimming if you and/or your child have an illness, such as, but not limited to: chest infection, conjunctivitis, measles, impetigo, ear infections, asthma or a heavy cold (first days of the cold). Please DO NOT come to your swimming lesson until the symptoms have cleared at least 48 hours prior to your swimming lesson or when your doctor has given the all-clear.

Under no circumstances must anyone suffering from diarrhoea or vomiting attend swimming during illness and up to 2 weeks after full recovery and stools have returned to normal.
If you are concerned about any medical condition, we ask that you always check with your GP before coming to any lessons


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