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London Baby Swim are Open!

At London Baby Swim, we offer Parent, Baby and Toddler Swimming lessons at 2 dedicated London Baby Swim Centres in Wandsworth and Isleworth (Osterley). We provide a gentle introduction to baby swimming classes in a playful, fun and safe environment with a progression that will develop natural Baby swimming skills. Mother or Dad can attend our baby swimming lessons. Courses last 10 weeks with 4 terms per year following the seasons Winter/Spring/Summer/Autumn. Babies can start as young as 6 weeks with classes for ages up to 4 years

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Both of our children have learnt to swim here with Emma and we have loved the experience throughout. It’s entirely designed for baby and toddler swimming so all requirements are taken into consideration - arrival and space to feed, changing mats for all children, pools at an appropriate temp / depth / size - and a viewing area for other family members to see. Friendly and warm staff as well make it a very happy environment for the kids.

Lynsey Verillo August 2020

We’ve had both our kids attend London baby swim classes with Emma at their Wandsworth location and couldn’t be happier. Our eldest started in baby swim level 1 and after going through their whole schedule left a completely competent swimmer at 4yrs old. Our youngest started last year and has just returned after their closure due to Covid and the adjusted measures are slick and feel safe. We have very much enjoyed getting back to our regular classes! I would recommend London Baby Swim and especially Emma to anyone wanting their child to learn to swim confidently without flotation aids.

Shona Fuller August 2020

Absolutely fantastic set up; clean, well maintained and perfect for baby and toddler swimming lessons. Emma is a fantastic instructor and would not recommend anywhere better.

Jonathan Moore August 2020

I can not recommend London Baby Swim enough. I have been attending with my daughter since she was 8 weeks old and started my son at the same age. While all the teachers are great Emma is phenomenal. I have never met a more warm and loving teacher. Not only does she make the class fun for the kids she makes it fun for the parents as well. She cares so deeply for the kids in her class. My daughter is 2.5 now and I have seen her confidence grow in the pool all because of Emma. If you are thinking of joining, please do and make sure you ask for Emma.

ErinKelly Bates

Been to London Baby swim for both my children since they were old enough to start and they both love it, as do I. The facilities are completely geared for parents with littlies and are incredibly clean, even before covid they were exceptionally diligent and continue to be since reopening. Classes are well structured, fun and the little babies love it. My toddler who’s nearly 3 is almost swimming unaided now thanks to LBS and he has a hoot.

Claire Moore August 2020

So happy to come back to our favourite pool after the lockdown!

Nadezhda A

Both of my boys felt confident from the very first time they swam here. All the instructors are fantastic & professional. They let the kids achieve things at their own pace and are extremely encouraging whether the kids are great swimmers or not. Being smaller classes the kids get the attention & encouragement they need. Highly recommend London Baby Swim Osterley centre.

Yana Korobkina

I would like to thanks to all London Baby Swim team, from the office staff, including the coffee staff and ending on the instructors, you guys are awesome! It's been more than 3,5 years that we really enjoy and I'm sure we will miss it badly now we have completed all of your swimming levels.

Teresa De Chao February 2020


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